Up-n-Go Rear Support Up-n-Go Rear Support Up-n-Go Rear Support Up-n-Go Rear Support
Up-n-Go Rear Support Up-n-Go Rear Support Up-n-Go Rear Support Up-n-Go Rear Support

Up-n-Go Rear Support

  • Quick, easy dog lift harness for back legs. Help your dog stand up from a lying-down position
  • Help dogs maintain balance – steady pets who are unstable on their back legs
  • Easy way to assist dogs to walk up and downstairs
  • Neoprene wraps for extra comfort around your dog’s legs and groin
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Up-n-Go Rear Support
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Product details
Up-n-Go Rear Support
The Up-n-Go Rear Support helps you give your dog a lift on the end that needs it most! A simple and easy-to-use harness to help lift dogs experiencing hind-end weakness and loss of balance. Getting your pet up for a quick toilet break, up the stairs, or into a vehicle has never been easier.

Never suspend a dog in the air with the Up-n-Go Support, it’s meant for supporting, not lifting!

If you have any concerns about your dog’s mobility, we always recommend seeking the advice of your vet. 
Fitting instructions
Step 1

Lay the Up-n-Go Rear Support on the ground behind your dog.

Step 2

One at a time, place a hind leg into each loop.

Step 3

Raise the loops and adjust the pads to fit comfortably underneath your dog.

Step 4

Adjust the length of the leash handle so you can comfortably assist your dog.

Step 5

Hold the Up-n-Go Rear Support above the dog’s hips, not over the tail, to provide optimal support.

Can my dog go to the bathroom while using the Up-n-Go Rear Support?

Yes! The Up-n-Go Rear Support is designed to help you safely support your dog and help them get outside to relieve themselves.

Can both male and female dogs use Up-n-Go Rear Support?

Yes! The Up-n-Go Support has a loop design for the leg rings that makes it comfortable for male dogs and female dogs.

Will the Up-n-Go Rear Support stay on if I am not holding onto it?

No. If you are not applying pressure to the Up-n-Go Support it will slide down your dog’s legs.

Is the Up-n-Go Rear Support height adjustable?

The leg rings on the Up-n-Go Rear Support adjust to allow you to get a snug fit around your dog’s legs.

How do I care for the Up-n-Go Rear Support?

The Up-n-Go Rear Support can be spot cleaned as needed.

Can the Up-n-Go Rear Support be used to get my dog in or out of the car?

Yes. The Up-n-Go Rear Support may be used to assist your pet to get in and out of a vehicle, however, it’s not designed to pick them up completely.

I have another question is there someone I can talk to?

Of course. Our friendly Customer Care Team will be only too happy to help you. Call them on 01462 416 866 or  hello@yumove.com.