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Since the very first skin and coat treatment developed for Charlie the Chocolate Lab, YuMOVE has been driven and backed by science.

It's this science, knowledge, care and craft, present in every YuMOVE product that means you and your pets can experience a wonderful thing.


But what is a YuREKA! moment?

It's the realisation that, thanks to YuMOVE's scientific approach, you can help keep your furry friend, happy and active, for longer.

  • 60 day money back guarantee

These can be quiet, private moments of reflection ("Oh, biiiig stretch!"), or bolder moments of happy, hairy discovery.

You'll know it when you feel it. And we guarantee you'll see a visible difference within 4-6 weeks or your money back.

But what's the formula?

Is there a method to your YuREKA! moment?

There is indeed....

The YuREKA! formula

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15 years of scientific 'woof'

YuMOVE has been conducting rigorous scientific research for over 15 years. (What's that in dog years? Must be over 100!).

We're relentlessly curious in our mission to support healthy cats and dogs and our joint products are not only backed by science, but also vet-recommended.* A rubber gloved thumbs up.

These joint products are clinically proven to produce visible results in just 6 weeks.* Testament to the time we've put in, and of course, our unique ingredients.


Only the best for your best friends

We've sniffed high and low to source the finest ingredients known to man... or beast.

And we've found them. Like our ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel, which provides a unique source of Omega-3 fatty acids and is sustainably sourced from the crystal-clear waters of Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand.

Through tireless research, we know to only pick these from a specific bay at an exact time of day and year to guarantee the absolute highest standard.

No other brand can say the same, and when we combine ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel with high-purity Glucosamine, Manganese, and Hyaluronic Acid - you get the perfect recipe for happy, active joints.


From owners and vets alike

There's nothing quite like the loyalty of our furry friends. That's why earning your trust and the trust of vets is so important to us.

Earning it and keeping it...

  • YuMOVE has scored an 'Excellent' Trustpilot rating with over 60,000 reviews
  • Our Joint Care range is clinically proven to work*
  • We're the UK's no.1 veterinary joint supplement brand*

"There's nothing better than a healthy happy pet and that's what YuMOVE can help make happen. As YuMOVE Veterinary Director, I'm proud that we are supporting over 2 million dogs* every year."

Dr. James Howie, BVetMed MRCVS

We're so confident you'll see a difference in just 6 weeks, we offer a money back guarantee.*


By animal lovers, for animal lovers

Last but not least we have love.

We're big softies, always have been.

YuMOVE's journey started back in 2006 with Dr. John Howie and John Davies, two passionate pet lovers on a simple mission - making pets' lives better.

Today, over 2 million dogs benefit from their care and dedication every year.

Because let's face it, if our pets could do the same for us, they would.

Running Dog


Add that all together and you get YuREKA!, the discovery that, with YuMOVE, your pets can live a more active life, for life.

And you're just a few clicks away from beginning your own YuREKA! journey.

Join the 40% of customers who wish they'd started their dog on YuMOVE sooner.*

Our YuREKA! moments

Your YuREKA! moments

Your YuREKA! moments

  • Finally a product that really works! It has rejuvenated my 12 year old rescue dog and I noticed a difference at the end of the first week. The company are extremely helpful and friendly to talk to on the phone.

    7th Jan 2024
  • Excellent product. Highly recommend. Our veterinary orthopaedic surgeon recommended this product and suggested we swap over from another brand. YuMOVE makes such a difference to our Missy's comfort and ease of movement.

    1st Jan 2024
  • I bought these to help my little Bichon as she got very stiff. Wow what a difference its made to her. She's like a five year old again running around like a mad thing, she can even jump up onto the sofa again. It's like having a new dog about the place.

    K Mathews
    7th Jan 2024
  • YuMOVE PLUS has really improved my older dogs life. She's 12 this month had noticed quite a while ago that she'd been struggling with her mobility more. I came across YuMOVE and thought I'd give it a go. Wow, what a difference! my fur baby is so much more agile and much happier in herself. It's been so noticeable to everyone who knows her too.

    K Davies
    2nd Nov 2023
  • One of our dogs has epilepsy and arthritis in his hind legs, which the fits did not help with at all! Was prepared to 'have fully wasted' more money - but boy was I wrong! It took a couple of months to see the effect but what a difference to him! well done and thank you for a super product!

    7th Jan 2024
  • I have a monthly subscription of YuMOVE Joint Care for my cat Munchkin. He's 15 and his back legs were painful to the touch. he can now sit down properly and is no longer in discomfort. I also don't have to think about reordering as its automatic. A win win situation.

    V Clayton
    5th Jan 2024
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