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Manage your YuMOVE supplement subscription

Managing your YuMOVE subscription is quick and easy. There’s no contract. And no fees. You can do everything online, or if you prefer, you can call our Customer Care Team on 01462 416 886 or email and they’ll do it for you.

Here’s what you can do when you log into your online account:
• Amend your subscription. Swap products, try something new or change delivery dates.
• Cancel your subscription. You can quickly cancel your YuMOVE subscription but, if there’s a problem, we’d love to try to help you with it first. Please contact us on 01462 416 886 or email

Is your pet getting the most from their YuMOVE?

We hope that your pet is thriving on their YuMOVE! Just remember, it's essential to be consistent in order to see the full benefits. Give them their YuMOVE every day and let the good times roll on!

3 reasons to choose a monthly plan

  • Visible results in just 6 weeks*

    Visible results in just 6 weeks*

    YuMOVE Joint Care’s clinically proven formula delivers results – or your money back*

  • High-quality ingredients

    High-quality ingredients

    Based on over 15 years of scientific research, YuMOVE is recommended by vets* and loved by pets.

  • Trusted by dog lovers like you

    Trusted by dog lovers like you

    Almost 70% of customers started another dog on YuMOVE because of the difference it made*

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Is there any penalty or fine for cancelling my subscription?

Not at all, our subscriptions are designed to be easy and flexible, so you can skip or cancel any time you choose. To cancel your YuMOVE subscription, simply log into your online account and follow the instructions. Or call our Customer Care Team on 01462 416 886 or email them at and they will help you.

How much can I save?

When you take out a monthly pet subscription, you save 30% on every YuMOVE delivery (20% on YuMOVE Multivitamins). Or, if you have multiple subscriptions, you’ll save 40% every month. As a subscriber, you also get free delivery and exclusive free access to a 24/7 online vet.

If you’re subscribing to YuMOVE Joint Care or our Dental Care Sticks for the first time you can benefit from 50% off the first two months with the code SAVENOW

How flexible is my subscription?

Your subscription is 100% flexible, meaning you have full control. Going away and need to top-up earlier?, want to try a different product? Making changes is quick and easy via your online account. Or you can contact our friendly Customer Service Team on 01462 416 886 or email them on for help with whatever you need.

Is there a contract with a subscription?

No, there’s no contract. You’re not tied into anything and are free to leave at any point.

How is payment taken and when?

We’ll take your bank details from you when you set up your subscription. You’ll then be charged based on the frequency (days or months) that you’ve chosen to receive your product. For example, every 7 days would mean you would be charged on the 7th day and then your subscription order will arrive between 3-5 working days after that.

When will I receive the order?

Orders are sent by Royal Mail 2nd class and should arrive within 3-5 working days of posting. Providing an item is in stock, we do our best to dispatch orders received by 2pm on the same day – although this may change during peak periods. We typically dispatch orders on Monday to Friday but may dispatch at the weekend during peak periods.

Will I be notified when my subscription is due?

Yes, you’ll be notified 24 hours before via email, to inform you, your subscription is due.

Does it make a difference if my pet skips a day of YuMOVE every so often?

Unfortunately, yes. YuMOVE has been scientifically formulated to help support your pet's most active life, for life. But for our supplements to work, they need to be given daily. This keeps the levels of YuMOVE's high-quality active ingredients elevated within your pet's body, allowing them to work their magic.

Skipping a day here and there might seem harmless, but it can undermine your pet's success with our supplements.

To get the most out of your pet's YuMOVE, it's essential to be consistent and compliant.

Give them their YuMOVE daily.

I've got too much of my supplement, what should I do?

When you start a YuMOVE subscription, we send you a free extra pack. This isn't a spare, it's your Daily Double Pack – and it's so that you can give your pet twice the recommended daily amount for the first month.

This is a very important preparation step. It allows YuMOVE's active ingredients to build-up to effective levels in your pet's body and get to work as quickly as possible.

If you seem to have too much of your supplement, you may not be giving your pet enough – or you may be skipping days.

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