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How to adapt your home for your senior dog

Is your dog sitting comfortably?

Health Guides

Does Your Younger Dog Need Joint Support Too?

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Dog Ball Throwers - What Are The Dangers?

What are the dangers of dog ball throwers?...

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British 1500 metre record holder Laura Muir on dogs

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What Are Harvest Mites on Dogs?

What are they and how do you tackle...

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Why Dogs Don't Like Hugs

Why is it dogs don't like hugs

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Joint Care For Cats: Spot The Signs Of Stiffness In Your Cat

Helping you spot signs of cat joint stiffness...

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Conkers Are Toxic To Dogs

Why conkers are toxic to dogs

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Understanding Why Dogs Bark

Barking is instinctive but why else do dogs...

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Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?

All the reasons why your dog wags their...

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