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Our pets deserve better

YuMOVE is a range of natural dog joint supplements that help your pooch make the most of life. It combines the highest purity ingredients that work together to provide the best all round joint support.

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Already helping 1 million dogs’

Great product with instant results. Our dog eats the tablets like sweets and he’s now more active than he has been for some time without the stiff after effects. 

Mick Wood

Been using YuMOVE for two years on my collies (who are aged 8 and 11 years old). They love it and keeps them running with me and being active every day.


YuMOVE has definitely made an improvement to my 14 year old Collie’s movement, he's much more like the dog he was 5 or more years ago, I'd definitely recommend.

Linda Gaines

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Bailey’s Story

Bailey is 7 years old and lives a fun and active life. But Lisa his owner had noticed he began to slow down and lost that spring in his step. Her vet told her about YuMOVE so she gave it a go, and now Bailey has his zest for life back and both Lisa and Bailey are back out walking together.

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