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Dexter’s YuMOVE journey

Dexter’s YuMOVE journey

This is the second part of our new series of dog stories in which we delve into the lives of your pooches. In this edition of YuMOVE Journeys we’ll be focusing on the story of Dexter – aka Dexy, Dexel or Clown (because he’s clumsy and silly!) So, what are you waiting for? Carry on reading to find out more…

About me

“He has helped me through some mental health struggles over the years and has literally given my life purpose. I will be forever grateful that he was there to get me through.” – Elisia, Dexter’s owner

  • What breed am I? Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Labrador mix
  • How old am I? 7 years
  • What product do I take? YuMOVE Daily Bites
  • How long have I been on YuMOVE? Around 3 years
  • Who’s my pet parent? Elisia
  • How would she describe me? Loyal, kind and silly
  • What’s my favourite thing to do? Take a long walk on the beach!

Dexter’s story

Dexter was brought into Elisia’s home to help combat her loneliness. With her partner working nights, she was in need of a furry companion to keep her company. Staffies had long been her favourite breed and as soon as she saw Dexter she completely fell in love!

For the first few days, Dexter was extremely shy and kept to himself… but this couldn’t be any further from the truth nowadays. He’s always in tune with Elisia’s feelings, and is always on-hand to cheer her up by doing something silly – hence the nickname ‘Clown’!

His YuMOVE journey

At around four years of age, Dexter began slowing down on his daily walks. After several vet visits, they determined he was experiencing joint stiffness. Following a procedure, he was recommended YuMOVE to help support his stiff joints!

Elisia’s favourite thing about YuMOVE

She likes that you can get a subscription delivered straight to your door every month, so you never unexpectedly run out. Plus, the YuMOVE Daily Bites product is a “godsend” – her words, not ours!

She went on further to say, “Dexter is the kind of dog that’ll eat the piece of cheese and then spit the tablet out. But he can’t get enough of these tasty bites, and gets excited for his daily dose each morning!”

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