Buddy Up™️ Rear Harness Buddy Up™️ Rear Harness Buddy Up™️ Rear Harness Buddy Up™️ Rear Harness
Buddy Up™️ Rear Harness Buddy Up™️ Rear Harness Buddy Up™️ Rear Harness Buddy Up™️ Rear Harness

Buddy Upᵀᴹ Rear Harness

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  • Dog Harness for back legs - safely assist and lift senior dogs
  • Hind end support for dogs with weak rear legs
  • Provides general support and rehabilitation
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Buddy Upᵀᴹ Rear Harness
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Product details
Buddy Upᵀᴹ Rear Harness
The Buddy Upᵀᴹ Rear Harness gives your dog rear lifting support and allows you to safely lift your pet’s back legs. It’s the mobility harness for senior dogs and those with weak rear legs. If needed, the Buddy Up™️ Rear Harness can be paired with the Buddy Up™️ Front Harness to become a full-body lifting support.

Never suspend a dog in the air with the Buddy Up™️ Rear Harness, it’s meant for supporting, not lifting!

If you have any concerns with your dog’s mobility, we always recommend seeking the advice of your vet.
Fitting instructions
Step 1

Unclip the front two buckles on the rear harness so that the leg rings hang down from the back. The D-Ring connector should face your pet’s head.

Step 2

Place the blue back panel of the harness over your pet’s lower back.

Step 3

Bring the leg rings from behind your pet between the rear legs and fasten the clips on either side at the flank. Ensure the tail is not caught underneath.

Step 4

If using with the Buddy Up Front Harness, fasten the back connection strap between the two D-Ring connectors of the rear harness and front harness. Adjust with the tri-glides for a secure tension between the two harnesses.

Step 5

There are two straps on each side of the leg rings; one with the buckle clip to fasten to the back panel of the harness and one with clips that can be attached to a compatible wheelchair if using. Adjust the buckle clip strap so the leg rings and back panel of the harness are comfortably snug around your pet’s hips and rear legs.

Step 6

You may need to readjust the back connector strap at this point to ensure there’s tension to prevent the Buddy Up Rear Harness from sliding backwards off the rear end of the pet.

My dog’s front legs have started to weaken. Is there a compatible front harness?

The Buddy Up™️ Rear Harness can adapt to your pet’s changing needs. Our fully compatible Buddy Up™️ Front Harness can be added to give your dog additional front support.

Can my dog go to the toilet while wearing the Buddy Up™️ Harness?

Yes, both male and female dogs should be able to comfortably wee and poo while wearing their Buddy Up™️ Rear Harness. This adjustable dog harness supports your pet from underneath with a leg ring-style saddle, leaving plenty of room in front and behind for your dog to relieve themselves cleanly.

I have another question is there someone I can talk to?

Of course. Our friendly Customer Care Team will be only too happy to help you. Call them on 01462 416 866 or  hello@yumove.com.

How do I care for it?

The Buddy Up™️ Rear Harness is machine washable, lay flat to air dry.