Buddy Upᵀᴹ Front Harness

Buddy Upᵀᴹ Front Harness

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Small Harness Weight: 13.5-20kg Abdomen: 55-75cm
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  • Adjustable dog harness to help lift senior dogs
  • Support for dogs with weak front legs with this easy-walk harness
  • Provides general support and rehabilitation
Buddy Up™️ Front Harness
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Buddy Up™️ Front Harness Sizing Chart

Harness Size
Weight Range
Chest Girth
13.5kg - 20kg
55cm - 75cm
20kg - 30kg
65cm - 90cm
30kg - 45kg
75cm - 110cm
Product details
Buddy Upᵀᴹ Front Harness
The Buddy Up™️ Front Harness is an adjustable dog harness that allows you to safely support a dog with weak front legs.
Fitting instructions
Step 1

Unclip the two lower support straps and place the harness over your pet’s head with the triangular chest pad in front of the body.

Step 2

Lift your pet’s front left leg over the webbing strap. The central chest webbing strap should now be between your pet’s front legs.

Step 3

Fasten the two lower support straps under your pet’s rib cage and adjust the straps for a snug fit.

Step 4

At the front of the pet’s chest, adjust the straps so that the triangular chest pad sits at a comfortable position over the sternum. Ensure the centre chest strap is adjusted snugly and securely to provide the proper tension and support.

Step 5

The Buddy Up Front Harness is now ready to be used as a lifting aid.

Frequently Asked Questions
My dog’s back legs have started to weaken, is there a compatible rear harness?

The Buddy Up™️ Front Harness can adapt to your dog’s changing needs. Our fully compatible Buddy Up™️ Rear Harness can be added to give your dog additional hind leg support.

Can I leave my dog’s Buddy Up™️ Front Harness on for an extended time?

If you’d like to keep the Buddy Up™️ Front Harness on your dog for longer periods, it’s essential the harness is a good fit. We do however still recommend never leaving a harness on for extended periods or overnight. And never leave your dog unattended whilst wearing their harness. If you have any concerns about using the Buddy Up™️ Front Harness for longer periods of time, we recommend seeking the advice of your vet. 

How do I care for the Buddy Up™️ Front Harness?

The Buddy Up™️ Front Harness is machine washable, lay flat to air dry.

I have another question is there someone I can talk to?

Of course. Our friendly Customer Care Team will be only too happy to help you. Call them on 01462 416 866 or  hello@yumove.com.