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Bugz, Beans and Bo’s YuMOVE journey

Bugz, Beans and Bo’s YuMOVE journey

Are you looking for a heart-warming story and some utterly adorable dog pics? Well, look no further! The final instalment of this month’s YuMOVE Journeys focuses on the lives of Eiva, Aurora and Bo (aka Bugz, Beans and Bo). Let’s find out more together…

About us

“They’ve all come from very different starts in life but they’re all extremely well behaved and get on really well. They’re my best friends.” – Kamara, the pet parent to Bugz, Beans and Bo

  • What breed are we? Borador (Eiva/Bugz), Rottweiler mix (Aurora/Beans) and Rottweiler (Bo)
  • How old are we? 7 years (Eiva/Bugz), 11 months (Aurora/Beans) and 3.5 years (Bo)
  • What products do we take? YuMOVE Joint Care for Dogs
  • Who’s our pet parent? Kamara
  • How would she describe us? Hilarious, adorable and smelly!
  • What’s our favourite thing to do? We all recently went to Holkham Beach, Norfolk, and all three of us enjoyed splashing in the sea and chasing our ball up and down the sand.

Bugz’s story

Kamara brought Bugz home when she was just a puppy. She was Kamara’s first dog of her own, which was bought with the money Kamara received on her 16th birthday! Bugz is definitely in charge of the other two pups, with Kamara describing her as “the alpha”.

Beans’ story

Beans got her adorable nickname due to her unique baked-bean-shaped eyebrows. She’s been with Kamara since the day she was born 11 months ago. And she was part of the litter of the dog belonging to Kamara’s mum – so she really is family!

Bo’s story

Kamara found Bo on a Facebook rehoming page for Rottweilers 3 months ago. As soon as she saw him, she fell instantly in love. He needs a lot of training and attention, but Kamara doesn’t mind! Initially he didn’t respond well to his shelter name of ‘Turbo’, so Kamara simply shortened it to Bo – which he much prefers!

Their YuMOVE journey

At 7 years old, Bugz was beginning to show signs of stiffness after naps and long walks. Since discovering YuMOVE, she’s able to run, jump and play like a puppy and is no longer stiff when she wakes up. Kamara describes it as an “insane amount of movement… she’s getting into the [age] bracket for Arthritis, and I wanted to stop it from getting to her.”

Kamara describes Bo as a “heavy old lump who falls over a lot”. Which is why she also gives him a daily dose of YuMOVE. This way, his knees and other joints are protected when he’s running about. Plus, he falls over a lot less now!

Bugz and Bo’s favourite thing about YuMOVE

It tastes exactly like one of their treats! Which means there’s no mess or fuss when it comes to their daily dosage.

Kamara’s favourite thing about YuMOVE

Simply put, it works. In fact, Kamara’s so impressed that she’s tempted to try out YuMOVE Joint Care for Young Dogs for Beans, and iMOVE – our human supplement – for herself!

Dying to see your four-legged friends in a future edition of YuMOVE Journeys? Let us know over on Facebook and Instagram!

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