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The power of feeding your pet YuMOVE every day

The power of feeding your pet YuMOVE every day


When we first set out to create our unique YuMOVE formula, we were driven by a powerful desire to help pets everywhere lead their most active lives, for life. We did our calculations, hit the lab with zeal, and…


YuMOVE Joint Care, the UK's no.1 veterinary joint supplement brand,* was born – powered by our very own unique and sustainably sourced ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel.

The science has always backed YuMOVE because your pets deserve nothing less. But for them to experience the benefits of our supplements, it’s essential to be consistent and comply with our YuMOVE feeding guidelines.


Tips for remembering your pet’s YuMOVE

Being consistent with your pet’s YuMOVE can be easier said than done. With the demands of everyday life, and your pet’s own unique quirks and behaviours, you may find it tricky to remember their daily supplements – or even to remember if you’ve given them their YuMOVE or not.

Here are some of the techniques that members of Team YuMOVE have found helpful for remembering their pets’ YuMOVE.


Pair YuMOVE with meals

Hector has his in his dinner. They are kept close to his biscuits, so we never forget.



Feeding YuMOVE at mealtimes – or even adding YuMOVE to a pet’s food – is one of the more common and effective ways of remembering your pet’s supplements.

We recommend leaving your pet’s YuMOVE in a clearly visible location, next to their food. You can then feed it to them before or after their meal, or try adding it to their food directly.


Stick to a consistent time and routine

As long as it’s in their daily routine, you won’t forget. Seren has hers with breakfast. You could also set a daily reminder with Alexa.


My boys have their YuMOVE Joint and Digestive Care with breakfast, leaving them next to the kibble tin so I don’t forget. Then they have their Calming Care with tea.



While mealtimes are a great occasion for feeding your pet their YuMOVE, the main thing is having a consistent routine. If you make a ritual out of giving your pet their YuMOVE at a set time of day every day – and always keep your supplements in the same place – it’ll quickly become automatic.

You could also use your own routine as a way of reminding yourself to feed your pet their YuMOVE. For example, you could give them their YuMOVE right after brushing your teeth every morning, or while waiting for the kettle to boil.


Have a special, visible place where you keep their YuMOVE

As both my husband and I feed the cat, we put Willow’s Joint Care in a little dish on the counter, that way, my husband knows if I’ve given them to her, and vice versa.



Keeping your pet’s YuMOVE in clear sight – for example, on the same shelf as their food – can really help to remind you to give it to them daily.

You could also try putting their next day’s YuMOVE in a small dish or tablet holder each night. That way, you’ll be able to tell at a glance whether you’ve already given them their supplements for the day.


Train your pet to remember their YuMOVE

My girl Laska always reminds me that it’s YuMOVE time, so there’s no way I can forget. 



Your pet may enjoy the taste of our supplements so much that they remind you about it all by themselves. You could also try training them to remember their daily YuMOVE.

This might include showing them their YuMOVE box every day when feeding them a treat or associating their daily YuMOVE with a fun activity such as going for a walk.


What do the benefits of YuMOVE compliance actually look like?

You can read more about Why it pays to be consistent with YuMOVE Joint Care here. But what do the benefits of consistently giving your pet their YuMOVE really look like, when all is said and done?

Well… think good times with your animal companion that last a lifetime. Inner puppies and kittens that never stop coming out to play. And joyful energy in abundance, brightening up the home every day.

We could keep going. But it’s not what we say that matters. So, let’s pass the mic over to our customers.

Angela and Simona

“Hi, my name is Angela, and this is Simona, and she’s seven. We noticed a few months ago that she was struggling a little bit and wasn’t playing with her siblings. So, we gave YuMOVE a try. And, well, what can I say? She’s a totally different dog now and enjoys playing, running after the ball, [and] getting in and out of the car… [she] can get upstairs easily, [and] enjoys getting in water troughs as well when we’re out and about. Thank you, YuMOVE!”

For Angela, consistency with YuMOVE meant that her seven-year-old dog Simona was able to reconnect with her inner puppy and unleash all that joyful energy. From experiencing a renewed zest for life and a love of play, to having an easier time around the home, Simona’s YuMOVE journey has been a wonderful success.


Ann and Alfie

“Hi, this is Alfie, he’s our 14-year-old boy. Two and a half years ago, he lost his mojo and didn’t want to go out. We had him checked by the vets, who couldn’t find anything wrong with him, and then I read about YuMOVE. So, we started him off on the YuMOVE tablets, and within two weeks, he was much better. Within four weeks, he was back to his normal self – and he’s been grand ever since. We wouldn’t be without the YuMOVE tablets.”

When 14-year-old pup Alfie “lost his mojo” his human, Ann, knew just where to turn. After only a short while of consistently taking his YuMOVE tablets, this lovable dog was back to his old tricks, overflowing with his inimitable energy.


Emma, and Beau and Cora

“Hi, I’m Emma and this is my Labrador Beau. We began Beau on YuMOVE Senior around four months ago, and we have no ifs what a different boy he is. He used to lag behind on walks and long walks would tire him out – and, overall, he would struggle with his mobility. However, since starting YuMOVE he has become a totally different boy. He manages to keep up with our other dog, Cora, who we have also started on YuMOVE Active for Young Dogs. It has overall changed Beau’s life, and we wish we’d started him on it sooner.”

Senior Labrador Beau has certainly seen the benefits of a consistent YuMOVE routine… in only four months! From lagging behind on walks and feeling his years, to consistently keeping up with young whippersnapper Cora, Beau’s back to leading his best life.


Louise and Bolt

“Hi, I’m Louise and this is my dog Bolt. He’s been on YuMOVE for probably six or seven weeks now – the senior dog one. He’s 11, and we’ve seen the most enormous difference. He’s back to his active self as you can see! Before, he couldn’t jump up on the settee, he couldn’t jump up or down. Now, he’s enjoying his walks and his runs after his ball, and basically, he’s back to being a young dog again and we couldn’t be happier.”

Before taking YuMOVE, 11-year-old Bolt found himself unable to jump up onto the settee – far from an ideal situation for a canine who loves cosy cuddles. After just six or seven weeks of consistently taking YuMOVE, Bolt was back to bounding about, chasing his ball on walks, and “being a young dog again.” A brilliant YuMOVE result for Bolt!


Jess and Trinny

“Hi, my name’s Jess and this is Trinny. She’s nine, and she’s been using YuMOVE now for about three weeks. She’s using YuMOVE Joint Care PLUS. It’s just been amazing. [On] walks, she’s just amazing, I wish I’d put her on sooner. She seems more happy, so much more active, and she just enjoys her walks a lot more. So, thank you!”

Sometimes, it’s a renewed sense of wellbeing and zest-for-life that stands out most on a pet’s YuMOVE journey. That’s been the case for nine-year-old Trinny, who seems much happier, more active, and enjoys her walks more after three weeks of consistent YuMOVE Joint Care PLUS.


Lauren and Mitzy

“Hi, I’m Lauren and this is Mitzy – she’s an 11-year-old Jack Russell cross. It was really important for us to find a product that was going to help Mitzy in her senior years – to ensure that she stays active and happy. We’ve been using YuMOVE PLUS for around two years now. It helps keep her active on long walks with her sister. It helps her jump up onto the sofa, onto the bed, and [she] bombs it around the house and upstairs. We would recommend YuMOVE PLUS to anyone who is looking for a little extra support for their four-legged friends – especially when they’re turning a little bit older.”

For owner Lauren, keeping her dog Mitzy active and happy as she aged was a key priority – and that’s what led to the discovery of YuMOVE Joint Care PLUS. Today, 11-year-old Mitzy has been on YuMOVE consistently for two years, is keeping active on long walks, and still zooms around the house and jumps up onto the sofa and bed.


Catherine and Pip

“Hi, my name’s Catherine and this is Pip. Pip’s the grand old age of 18! We’ve been using YuMOVE for about five years now. It’s made such a difference to her. She can even jump up on the sofa still, and likes a little bit of a run around when she goes for a walk. She’s a lot slower these days, but it’s definitely made a difference to her joints.”

Pip may be the grand old age of 18, but this elder pup still loves to play, run around on walks, and jump on and off the sofa. Of course, she has been on YuMOVE Joint Care for about 5 years now – which her human, Catherine, is convinced makes a difference.


Sarah, and Ronnie and Reggie

“Hi everybody, my name’s Sarah, I’ve got two Labradors – Ronnie and Reggie. They’re two and a half and three years old. They’ve done agility and mantrailing, so they’re both quite active. They take YuDIGEST [YuMOVE Digestive Care] for previous stomach issues that Ronnie had – which has really helped to settle his digestive system – and they also take YuMOVE Young & Active [YuMOVE Joint Care for Young Dogs] to help keep their joints fit and healthy for as long as possible. We do see the benefits; I’ve used it previously with my older dogs and saw huge benefits for them. And they also enjoy the dental treats – if they get to choose out of the box themselves, that’s usually the one they’ll pick. I hope you all enjoy your YuMOVE products as much as we do!”

Sometimes, seeing the difference YuMOVE makes in the life of an older dog can inspire their owner to give our supplements to their younger pups, too. This has been the case with Labradors Ronnie and Reggie; agility dogs who have followed in the footsteps of their elders and benefit from a range of YuMOVE supplements.


Stuart and Chihuahuas


“I have to say, amazing products! Both of our dogs really do struggle with their walking, particularly on their back knees. [They] wouldn’t get out more than the garden. We were recommended to put them on YuMOVE by our vets, and it’s been absolutely amazing. Our dogs have remained young, healthy, and [enjoy] regular walking… thank you, YuMOVE! You’re amazing.”

YuMOVE is often recommended to pet parents by their vets, as in the case of Stuart and his Chihuahuas. With YuMOVE on their side, these adorable dogs have gone from not wanting to venture out beyond the garden, to enjoying regular walks and staying young at heart!


Do you have a YuMOVE tale to share? A story about how our supplements have impacted your pet’s life? If so, please reach out via Facebook or Instagram and let us know! We love hearing from you.


*Read more about our claims

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