The benefits of a YuMOVE orthopaedic bed

Orthopaedic pet beds are designed to provide greater comfort and support for your pet’s joints. They’re usually made with memory foam, which moulds to your pet's body, lightening the load on pressure points and helping them enjoy more restful sleep.

Beds made with low-quality materials can become lumpy and misshapen over time, reducing their effectiveness and the quality of your pet’s sleep.

Orthopaedic Beds Vs Regular Pet Beds

Choosing a new bed for your dog can be a confusing business! Especially as prices and quality vary so much. You might be wondering whether you should buy an orthopaedic bed or a regular one, and what’s the difference between the two?

If you’ve ever slept on an uncomfortable bed, you’ll know just how tired you feel in the morning. The same can be true for your pet. Designed with vets, YuMOVE orthopaedic pet beds provide superior comfort and support to your cat or dog.

The benefits of a YuMOVE orthopaedic bed

Double-layered memory foam mattress supports their whole body
Sturdy side bolstered pillows support your pet’s head and neck
Easy-access L-shaped design minimises strenuous climbing in and out
Anti-slip bottom means the bed won’t move when your pet gets in and out, reducing potential strain on their joints
Super soft, water-resistant velour blanket adds added comfort
Stylish stone or sand coloured covers made from recycled materials
Pet Size
Bed Size
Maximum Pet Weight
W: 85cm D:65cm H:28cm
Up to 15kg
W: 100cm D:75cm H:30cm
16 - 30kg
W: 100cm D:75cm H:30cm
31 - 50kg


How can I tell if my cat or dog’s bed isn’t comfortable?

If your pet is constantly shifting position, struggles to rise after sleeping or avoids their bed altogether, it could be a sign that their bed isn’t the comfortable sanctuary they deserve.


 How do I know if my cat or dog needs an orthopaedic bed?

An orthopaedic bed may help your pet if they’re getting older or are experiencing joint stiffness. This is because a high-quality mattress will help give them the rest they need to wake up feeling refreshed. If you’re not sure whether your dog would benefit from an orthopaedic bed, please talk to your vet.

A good quality pet bed is especially important for olde cats and dogs who may be experiencing joint stiffness but can also provide comfort for lean breeds with less natural padding, as well as young animals whose joints are still developing.

Are the covers washable?

Yes. The bed cover – as well as the detachable blanket – can be removed and washed at 30°. Air dry only. Do not tumble dry.

What is the bed made of?

The bed mattress is made of a combination of memory foam and normal foam for ultimate comfort. The cover of the bed is made from recycled material, and the pillow filler is made from recycled fabric and memory foam, which can be replumped so it won’t lose its shape or support. The fabric cover is made from recycled PET bottles. Öko-Tex 100 standard.

Is the bed waterproof?

The fabric used for the cover is water-repellent, which prevents the absorption of liquids.

The pillow lining is waterproof to keep the inner filling clean and dry. And the detachable blanket topper has a waterproof back to help keep the bed clean and comfortable.

How thick is the memory foam mattress?

Large: 15cm

Medium: 15cm

Small: 13cm

How high are the side bolsters?

Large: 13cm

Medium: 10cm

Small: 10cm

What colours do they come in?

Choose from stylish stone or sand.