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YuMOVE Account Creation FAQs

How many and what types of characters are required in the password?

Your new store password can be up to 30 characters long and contain numbers, letters and special characters. It cannot contain spaces.

Can I use the same password as I had on

As your password is unique to you and we don't hold your password for security purposes, you will have to create a new password. This can be done when clicking on "Login" in the top right of the site.

If I don’t activate my account, what will happen?

If you do not reactivate your account you will not be able to view all of previous orders. If you have subscription with us, you will be unable to amend, cancel or postpone your regular deliveries.

What do you mean by ‘re-activate’?

To re-activate your account simply means to have access to the account you created on, on which allows for quicker checkout and a view of your previous orders.

Will I still be able to see my previous orders?

Yes, your previous orders will exist in your newly re-activated account in Please note, the pricing of some of your historic orders may appear differently to your current orders due to use of discount codes and historic price rises.

I have a subscription with you, will it be affected?

No, the product(s) you currently receive on will continue as normal on

I have a subscription order due to be sent soon, will it be affected?

No, your subscription will be sent as normal. However, you will now receive email confirmation of this from In order to amend your subscription you will have to reactivate your account.

Will I still get my Club discount?

Yes, if you have signed up to the club with us previously on you will still get your club discount.

Why have you changed sites?

To improve your experience with us and ensure that all customers get the right product for their dog, cat or horse.