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YuMOVE Skin and Coat Care for Moulting Cats – what’s in it?

YuMOVE Skin and Coat Care for Moulting Cats (previously YuDERM Moulting Cat), is especially designed to give your feline a healthy skin and coat. Not only will the oil-based formula add a glossy shine to your cat’s coat in just three to six weeks, but it’ll help to stop your cat from over-grooming – which can cause damage and distress.

How to take it

Simply add a few drops onto your feline’s food or into a clean bowl daily! We’d recommend 1ml for an average-size cat (4-5kg), and for smaller felines, four drops per kg of weight. Start with just a few drops for the first week or so, allowing your cat to get used to the change, then build up to the full amount.

So how does YuMOVE Skin and Coat Care for Moulting Cats work? Well, it’s all thanks to a powerful blend of ingredients, which we’ll talk through below…

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YuMOVE Skin and Coat Care for Moulting Cats – formula breakdown

Each bottle of YuMOVE Moulting Cat contains the following…
• Evening Primrose
• Linoleic Acid
• Fish Oil
• Salmon Oil
• Sunflower
• Vitamin E

Evening Primrose
Evening Primrose contains nourishing fatty acids – specifically Omega 6, which will soothe and replenish your feline’s skin.

Linoleic Acid
You might have spotted Linoleic Acid on the back of your body lotions. It’s a hero component in skincare products, as it’s an essential fat that works to maintain the natural moisture barriers.

Sunflower, Salmon Oil & Fish Oil
The nourishing oils in this trio of ingredients help to reduce moulting and improve the health of the skin and coat.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is an antioxidant sourced from natural plant sources, which helps by clearing up free radicals (components that damage cells and cause sickness and ageing), and supporting the skin’s defence mechanisms.

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