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This week we’ve taken #ThankYouDogs to the capital, transforming world-famous landmarks into landbarks


Shining a light on our canine companions for the vital role that they have played during the pandemic, we decorated the famous facades of the Marble Arch, the Tower of London and Senate House with dogs of all shapes and sizes, including some of your very own with pictures you shared on social media! 

Check out the amazing pictures and see if you recognise your furry friend!

StreetVet's Labrador lights up Marble Arch, London

Dogs have been a constant companion during these difficult times and, for some, have provided a vital lifeline. We commissioned research that showed more than half of owners (54%) said that they wouldn’t have smiled in 2020 without their canine companions and just under half (42%) said that life would have been unbearable without their beloved pet. 

Last year we launched #ThankYouDogs to show our appreciation for the vital role that dogs played during the pandemic and to support the incredible efforts of StreetVet

Lockdowns and social restrictions have made canine companionship more important than ever. Our dogs have offered unwavering love and loyalty during an incredibly difficult period; becoming even more vital to the mental and physical wellbeing of people across the country, especially those that are lonely and vulnerable. It’s time to say #ThankYouDogs.

We’re asking dog owners everywhere to say “thank you” by posting a pawsitive tail (tale) about their beloved dog on Facebook or Instagram using #ThankYouDogs and, for every post we will donate £1 to the team at StreetVet.

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