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Watchouts for senior dogs with lots of energy

Here at YuMOVE, there’s nothing we love more than hearing your success stories. You often get in touch to talk about the incredible difference our formula has made to your dogs’ stiff joints. And we’re constantly hearing about seniors playing like puppies once more!

While we couldn’t be happier (after all, it’s our mission to help dogs live an active life for longer), there are some things to be mindful of with this new lease of life. Your canine may well be bounding around like a pup once more, but it’s important to keep protecting the joints, and adapting things like exercise and play accordingly. Here are some areas to watch out for with an older canine…

Should you…give them extra-long walks?

Your dog’s renewed enthusiasm for walkies will be a joy to see. But if you’re not careful, you could end up overdoing it. For that reason, always opt for short, regular walks instead of longer, more spontaneous treks. You can apply this thinking to any kind of exercise. Is your senior dog still tearing along the beach or jumping up to catch a frisbee at the park? Then you might want to swap for something less strenuous.

Couple walking dog

Should you…indulge in lots of playtime?

Getting lots of playtime in with your dog is hugely important. Not just for the purposes of fun and bonding, but because it’s often another form of exercise! One piece of advice, though – be super vigilant about what games and toys you’re entertaining your older dog with. Be sure to limit high-impact games like fetch, for instance.

Labrador rolling over and playing with ball

Should you…spoil them with treats?

Here at YuMOVE, we’re all about spoiling our furry best friends. For special occasions like Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day, there’s no reason that humans should have all the fun! That said, we stand by the old classic everything in moderation. Especially for older dogs, who can develop stomach sensitivities as they age. Look for a treat combo that’s tasty and nutritious wherever possible. And, while giving an older dog an ice cream a day on your family staycation is clearly a no-no, a lick here and there is ok!

Dog taking treat from woman's hand

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