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This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating all the weird and wonderful things that come with being a dog mum. How many in this list is your pooch guilty of? Let us know!

Dealing with diva behaviour

Mariah Carey’s got nothing on your little darling. If you’re settling in for a couple of episodes of your favourite boxset, you better believe they’ll be getting comfy on the sofa with you. And will take up most of the room while they’re at it. And will nudge you for attention every time any stroking pauses. The same goes for the bed. This is their territory now, not yours. You might be in a deep sleep, but that won’t stop them giving you a wet nose-headbutt or a lick to the face when they think it’s time to rise. Using a laptop? Oh no you don’t. They’ll clamber over you and settle on the keyboard. From day one, your dog will command attention. All. The. Time. And you’ll have no choice but to get used to it!

dog licking woman's nose in bed

Dog mum guilt

Separation anxiety tends to be associated with parents and children, but it’s also a thing when it comes to our fur babies. If you’re leaving the house, expect the full puppy dog eyes treatment. Some canines will plonk themselves down on the doormat and refuse to budge. Others might hide something crucial. Say, that shoe you were about to put on. And we’re all familiar with the broken-hearted howl that comes from the direction of the window sill as we back out the driveway. Cue the inevitable dog mum guilt.

Your dog will often think its human

Whether they’re claiming a chair around the dining table, unwrapping Christmas presents (that don’t belong to them), or taking a bite of your ice cream without permission, your pooch just might think it’s human sometimes. Indulge this as you will. It does go both ways, though. We’re all guilty of talking to our pets like they’re people…“Back in just a minute boy, promise. Be good!”

dog licking ice cream

It can get competitive

Us dog mums can get a little competitive when it comes to our pets. You know what we’re getting at don’t you? Sizing up that other dog with the similarly cute winter coat. Or smugly walking past with your well-behaved angel as two pooches get into a noisy scuffle. And don’t get us started on Puppy Playgroup. If yours is in the naughty corner, you better be prepared for some raised eyebrows and holier-than-thou smirks.

Getting anything done at home is a challenge

Hoovering? You’ll have a constant companion chasing your Dyson around the floor. Washing up? Watch out for the hairy tripping hazard darting in and out of your legs. 9am Zoom call? It’s time for an hour-long bark-a-thon, didn’t you know?!

Hair. Everywhere.

Enough said.

It’s a love like no other

Quite frankly, we wouldn’t change any of it for the world. Yes, our dogs have their quirks, but they make everyday a joy and we couldn’t be more thankful for them.

woman and dog happy

To all the dog mums out there, Happy Mother’s Day! How will you be celebrating with your pooch this year? Tag us in your snaps on Facebook and Instagram. And don’t forget to add #YuMOVE to your posts and stories!

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