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iMOVE £23.95

Your daily joint supplement to help you maintain healthy, flexible joints for an active lifestyle.

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YuDIGEST PLUS for Dogs £9.95

Fast-acting digestive support for dogs and cats.

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YuDERM Itching Dog £22.25

Essential Omega oils for dogs with sensitive or itchy skin.

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YuCALM Dog £24.95

Triple-action calming supplement for dogs who are stressed or nervous.

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We love all the great photos, stories and hearing about all the things your dogs gives. So, we want to share our favorite photos of yours from last month or so - check them out below!

Early dog gets the ball?


Nice to sea you again!


"Can I just eat the whole bag at once?"


I like to 'muck-in' wherever I can


This doesn't taste like YuMOVE!


Rusty gets back to his old self

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So a few weeks back Mummy started me on Yumove joint supplement tablets as I was limping alot, very stiff and licking my legs. I am only 4 but I am a big boy 😔 luckily my lovely friend Holly had these for me to try.. within a week my limping had reduced dramatically, I was better on my walks, the leg licking wasnt on a daily basis and overall I seemed alot more lively!! Fast forward to finishing the box, weve only had 2 days of limping the whole time probably due to overdoing it catching wasps 😂 & I am still as lively as ever! I am back to my 4year old self! I would definitely recommend these to anyone of my furiends who are having any trouble with your joints we are shocked at the quick turn around and so happy we tried these! Well done Yumove for such a good product👏👏👏😁😁💕 @yumove_uk #yumove #dogjointproblems #dogarthritis #dogslife #largedogproblems #ridgebacksofinstagram #ridgebackcrossofinstagram

A post shared by Rusty (@rustytheridgebackcrossrescue) on


"What chu lookin at buster?"

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We would like to say a HUUUUGE thank you and give a huge paws up to @yumove_uk who have sent us a box full of their products for us to take to @birmingham_dogs_home on our next visit 🐾💚 We personally cannot recommend YuMOVE enough. Buster has been taking YuMOVE joint plus supplements for a few months since he was experiencing stiffness in his back legs after his TPLO surgery. We noticed positive improvements after a few days of him taking the supplements. We really could not believe it. We now call it the miracle tablets! It is so good to have our happy boy back who is now pain free. Thank you YuMOVE. You are the best!!! 🤩 . #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedogs #adoptdontshop #boxweiler #boxweilers #boxweilersofinstagram #boxer #boxers #boxerdog #boxerdogs #boxerdogsofinstagram #rottweiler #rottweilers #rottie #rottweilersofinstagram #yumove #yumovedog #birminghamdogshome #charity #donation #fundraising #tplorecovery #tplosurgery #tplo

A post shared by Buster the Rescue 🐾 (@bustertheboxweiler_) on


It's a bit gusty up ear....

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