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National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

If you haven’t already heard, the 22nd January is officially National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day. It’s an opportunity to celebrate our furry felines, and to make an extra-special effort to understand them. To mark this Very Important Event in our cat calendars, we’ve rounded up some moggy FAQs…

1. Erm, why are you disturbing me human?

Cat lying on radiator

Did you know that cats sleep for an average of 15 hours a day? It’s true! And it’s not uncommon for our ultra-sleepy kitties to clock up a whopping 20 hours of shut-eye in a 24-hour period. Let’s bear that in mind then, the next time we’re tempted to disturb them for a cuddle mid-siesta because they just look so cute.

2. Can I offer you a massage?

You know that sweet way your cat sometimes kneads you with its paws? It’s an activity that many moggy owners are none the wiser about, and there are a few theories about this adorable ‘massage technique’. Namely that it’s your cat marking its territory, mimicking the nest gathering and building skills of its wild ancestors, or (and perhaps most adorable of all) simply copying something it did as a baby – pawing at its mothers’ tummy to encourage milk flow.

3. Or perhaps you’d like a headbutt?

Cat rubbing head on owner

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a kitty headbutt? The proper name for it is ‘cat bunting’, and it’s not an act of aggression by any means. In fact, consider it a token of love, trust and affection. No, really! It’s essentially your cat’s way of transferring its scent to you, and establishing friendly contact. It can also simply be a not-so-subtle cry for attention.

4. Do you fancy a 4am party?

Cat on bed whilst owner sleeps

Does your cat have a habit of waking you up in the early hours? Meowing, clambering and jumping all over you? You’re not alone. There are a number of reasons for it and it’s really common. Your kitty could be hungry or thirsty, it may think it’s playtime after a day’s snoozing. Or it could simply be feeling lonely – especially if it’s not long been separated from its mother. To combat the rude awakenings, be sure to leave food and water out before you go to bed, try and incorporate some play into your evenings, and be patient with a new arrival!

Another reason behind kitty wake-up calls? Anxiety. If you suspect this is the case with your pet, you might want to bring him or her into the bedroom with you at night. You could let them sleep on the bed with you, or just pull their bed up next to yours. We’d also urge you to discover the soothing effects of our YuMOVE Calming Care for Cats formula.

5. Oh, you’re off to the bathroom? Yay. Can I join?

Cat sitting on toilet seat

If you’ve got little humans at home, chances are you’ll be well-versed in the, shall we say, lack of privacy, that parenthood brings. It may have come as a surprise, though, that your pet cat also takes no notice of boundaries. Thanks to its inquisitive nature, whether you’re enjoying a relaxing bubble bath or, ahem, sitting on the toilet, your moggy just might want to push on in and say hi.

Are there any questions your feline friend would ask that we’ve missed off? And how are you celebrating National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day? Tag us in your posts and stories via Instagram and Facebook and let us know!

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