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This St Bernard is doing great job of expressing how some of us feel after several weeks of lock-down.

Ruby and Bracken reminding us that there's excitement out there in the simplest places - on our once a day walks. Thanks Ruby and Bracken for the reminder!

 Anyone else found themselves rolling around on the carpet out of sheer boredom?

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Bless you 🤧

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  It seems like all of us are getting green fingers (paws) at the moment...
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When you wake up after your 14th night in a row of having a glass of wine or two...

Everyone is watching and talking about Netflix series at the moment. So much so these two cockers are keen to get in on the action, Tiger King is their pick .....we've heard.

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Quarantine mood 📽

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The feeling of all getting "let of the leash" when we get in our exercise each day. Thistle is doing a good job of demonstrating this we think...

Happy the Samoyed, displaying what we all look like when we receive our daily parcel from Amazon.

 There's always one on a Facetime or Zoom call who doesn't quite know how to use it properly....

 Helping us to stay positive, and reminding us that despite rarely leaving the house, we can still look stylish.


We love finding all these happy and uplifting pooches if you have any photos of your own pooch pals please feel free to share them with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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