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Finley Atherton is a Young Event Rider competed successfully up to CCI 3*. Finley recently became the second best under 21 rider in a huge international field of over 100 competitors at Barbury Castle 3 star and coming 8th at Burnham Market International 3 star. Previous successes include winning the Under 18 Eventing Championships of GB with Team Eastern in 2016, representing in all disciplines of Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing at the Pony Club Championships of GB

Facebook @FinleyAthertonEventing

Instagram @finleyatherton

Fin's YuMOVE Experience

Joint support is so important to me, both for my horses and myself as a rider. Joints are a major part of the working body and in turn their health and condition relate to how you perform. To perform at your best and at the highest level you need to have the optimum function of your horses joints all of the time.

Finley jumping

We started using YuMOVE with our horses at the end of last year and have been using it ever since. All the horses absolutely love the taste of the supplement. We’ve seen that the horses are lovely and loose when walking out from their boxes every day. They are really flexible and happy in their movement when working, and seem to recover from their competitions quickly feeling well.

I would definitely recommend YuMOVE to anyone looking for a joint supplement as there has been huge amounts of research and work gone into creating the best joint supplement possible. The horses really go well on YuMOVE and never seem to miss a beat!

One of my horses I have on YuMOVE supplement is a 5 year old Warmblood called ‘Gio’. Gio was broken in last year and has started his Eventing career this season. He is a big “goof ball” of a horse and loves attention! He has been to his first event and found it incredibly fun! Gio is a very big horse and so having him on the YuMOVE is hugely beneficial to keeping him free and comfortable in his joints. Looking after even young horses joints is vital at the early stage of their careers as well as the older ones!

We are hugely excited for the new product launch from YuMOVE and can’t wait to see how the new YuMOVE PLUS for Horses will work with our current horses.

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