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5 of the best beds for senior dogs

[Updated November 2023]


A comfortable bed is important – whether your dog has joint issues or not. Beds that are the wrong size, cluttered or made from the wrong materials can be uncomfortable, frustrating, and potentially even unhealthy for your canine companion. That’s why it’s so important to provide an appropriately sized orthopaedic bed to help your pup rest easily. In this post, we’ve picked out five of our favourite beds for senior dogs. Let’s take a closer look…

What to look for in a dog bed

Just a few adaptations to your dog’s sleeping routine can help to make them significantly cosier and more comfortable, while improving their sleep, as well. Here are a few tips to help your dog get their best night’s rest: 

  • Try out memory foam. Memory foam is highly recommended for senior canines, as it works to better support joints. Firmer foam may also help older dogs to stand up more easily.
  • Make sure their bed is the right size. The bed needs to be big enough for your dog to stretch out on fully if they want, even if they seem happy to curl up in a smaller space.
  • Add some warmth. Heated dog beds may also be beneficial for older dogs. The extra warmth helps to heat and relax muscles and soothe joints and also helps to retain your dog’s body heat.
  • Look for stain resistance. As dogs get older, toilet-related accidents may become more common. Waterproof linings and washable covers are a good option for senior dog beds, in particular.

The best beds for senior dogs

  1. The Dog’s Bed Orthopaedic Dog Bed

Curly haired dog relaxing on cosy bed

This low-profile bed is perfect for dogs of any age. It’s easy to climb onto and off and offers good padding to support stiff joints. What’s more, it comes in a range of colours and sizes. We recommend going for a slightly bigger size to ensure your dog has enough room to stretch out.

Is your dog prone to accidents? This dog bed comes with a waterproof lining, a removable cover, and an easy-to-wash inner for ultimate protection.

  1. Wainwright’s Self Warming Square Bed

Relaxing Golden Retriever

Wainwright’s unique self-heating bed features of a layer of reflective material designed to reflect some of your dog's body heat, creating a warm, insulated and cosy spot to snuggle.

The best part? It can be used all year round. Simply reverse the cushion in the warmer months, allowing your dog to rest on the cooler underside. It’s available in three sizes – medium, large, or extra-large.

  1. JOYELF Orthopaedic Dog Bed

JOYELF dog bed

This orthopaedic dog bed is a great easy going option for older dogs, with a memory foam mattress and padded bolster cushions providing extra support for their joints, head, and neck.

Plus, thanks to its rubber base, the bed won’t easily slip around. And its removable cover easily zips on and off – perfect for cleaning!

  1. Omlet Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed

Dog sitting on bolster bed

Omlet’s bolster bed boasts a memory foam mattress, swaddled in a plump and pillowy bolster, explicitly designed to support your dog’s head. What’s more, the low and open front makes it easier for your senior canine to get on and off.

Airflow is also optimised in this slightly raised bed, making for easier cleaning and reduced damp and mould. Both the cover and bolster are machine washable, and this bed is available in a range of different vibrant colours and patterns!

  1. Baker & Bray Eco Luxe Orthopaedic Luxury Dog Bed

Eco-friendly memory foam dog bed

Made from rescued offcuts from other premium-grade, solid memory foam products that were destined for landfill – making it a more eco-friendly option for keeping your senior dog comfortable!

This bed is delivered fully assembled and ready to use, and features front, side and back bolsters and luxury fabric to support your dog’s weight for a blissful night’s rest. The low profile also makes this bed easier for senior dogs to access.

What else can you do in your home?

At YuMOVE, we understand that there are certain things you can do around the home to keep your dog safe and comfortable as they get older:

  • Put non-slip mats on slippery floors – like hardwood, tiles and laminate – to prevent your pup from stumbling around
  • Buy a comfortable, ergonomic bed that’s the right size for your dog
  • Use elevated food bowls to prevent straining when eating
  • Add a stairgate, ramp or sling stair to reduce your dog’s use of the stairs and to make it easier for them to get around

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