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Your Subscription Benefits

As a subscriber to YuMOVE, you're entitled to a whole range of exclusive benefits. It’s also the easiest, most flexible, most cost-effective way to ensure your dog never runs out of its favourite supplement.

Not only are you helping your favourite four-pawed friend to stay active for life but, you're also a part of a tribe of other happy dogs and owners.

"The vet recommended this product. It was easy to order, we’ve set up a subscription, so we never run out. It arrived quickly. Our Border Terrier actually just eats it, so it must taste ok, mind you he’s a terrier, so he eats anything! We have definitely noticed an improvement in him, he’s 12 and he’s moving more comfortably and freely. In fact he’s running around like a puppy. Definitely recommend this product."  Ian Williams

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Help your dog stay active all year round

By giving your dog YuMOVE every day, you can ensure that they’ll get the best possible benefit. With your subscription, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll never run out. We’ll send you a new supply exactly when you need it.

“Happy with ease of use website, cost of tablets competitive and love the monthly subscription so you never run out. Quick good service. No issues at all.” Trustpilot 5* review from Samantha Wagstaff

Start, stop and press pause when you want

You’re completely in control of when you receive your subscription. Start when you want and stop when you want. And if you want to press pause for a while, that’s fine too.

You can choose to manage your subscription online or we’re here to help if you’d prefer us to take care of making the changes for you. It’s up to you.

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24/7 free vet advice

With your YuMOVE subscription you get 24/7 access to free vet advice from Pawsquad. Pawsquad are trusted vets who will answer your queries via a video consultation or online chat. It’s great if it’s late at night and you don’t know if you need to rush your dog to an emergency vet service or if you’re in the park and want to check if something needs a vet’s attention. The app works on any mobile, tablet or desktop device. Access to Pawsquad is available with all YuMOVE subscriptions.

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Save 30% on every order

With your YuMOVE subscription, you save 30% on every single order, in addition to getting free delivery. With the money you save, you could kit your pooch out in a smart new coat, buy them that quacking duck toy they’ve spotted in your local pet shop, or stock up on their favourite treats for when they’ve been particularly good.

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Save 40% on every multi-subscription order

When you start a second subscription, you save 40% on every order. Your dog will probably have some ideas about how you could spend the extra money you’ll be saving. Maybe they could have light-up LED collars for their late-night walks? Or, if they’re getting on a bit, perhaps you could carry out some simple adaptations to make your home more comfortable for your dog?

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Like to know more?

In the meantime, if you have a specific query about YuMOVE, do get in touch with our friendly Customer Care team. You can reach us by calling 01462 416866 or emailing We’d love to hear from you.

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