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Supporting your dog through their senior years means making certain adaptations – both at home and on the go. Whether your elderly dog has mobility issues brought on by joint stiffness, or they’re simply less stable on their feet than they once were, thankfully there are lots of clever solutions designed to keep them comfortable.

Many older dogs struggle with mobility issues, so products that help to alleviate stress on their joints can be extremely helpful. Portable ramps and stairs, for example, prevent mature dogs from jumping and putting extra strain on their joints. These products can also allow them independent access to areas of the house – like the sofa or the bed – that they’d struggle to reach otherwise.

We’ve shopped around to find the best senior dog products available, from raised feeding solutions, to accessible ramps and dog beds for elderly canines. Whatever product you buy, bear in mind that older dogs in particular need extra time to get used to new ideas. Some gentle encouragement, positive reinforcement, and a steady supply of doggy treats should set you both on the path to success.

The best senior dog products

1. Petsafe Telescopic Dog Ramp

Petsafe Telescopic Dog Ramp

If your senior dog has problems jumping into the boot of the car these days, an extendable ramp is a brilliant option to help them climb in gently. This aluminium ramp is lightweight yet durable, and it can support dogs up to 181kg. Most importantly, it’s adjustable – so you can tweak the incline of the slope according to the height of your vehicle, switch it between different cars, and lock it closed to store in the boot. A high-traction surface and side rails prevent slipping, so your dog can climb up confidently. Just pop a few doggie treats up the ramp the first time they use it, and they’ll be journey-ready in no time.

2. Ergo Raised Dog Feeder

Ergo Raised Dog Feeder

This elevated dog feeder is ideal for older dogs who struggle to reach a dog bowl on the floor, and particularly if they have joint stiffness in their neck and back. It’s also a good solution for very large breeds who find normal dog bowls a bit too much of a stretch. The plastic stand wipes clean, and the two removable stainless-steel bowls can go in the dishwasher – so keeping this dog bowl clean is easy. Not only will it help with mobility issues, but the raised height means it’s more hygienic, too, as it’s that little bit further from the floor.

3. Non-Slip Floor Mats

Dog Health Non-Slip Floor Mats

There are lots of non-slip floor mats available, but we particularly like the fact this rubber matting is available to buy by the metre – so you can choose a bespoke solution for your home. Sold in a simple roll, it provides a non-slip surface for your dog to walk on and can be used in specific areas, whether that’s by your dog’s bed to save them slipping on the kitchen floor, or underneath to prevent their bed from moving around. It’s also handy for protecting floors and provides a waterproof layer for senior dogs experiencing urinary incontinence.

4. Kong Senior Dog Toy

Kong Senior Dog Toy

Older dogs who struggle to move around and burn off energy may become more easily frustrated, so it’s important to keep them stimulated and entertained even if they aren’t able to be as mobile as they used to be. Keeping an ageing dog’s mind active also keeps their brain ticking over nicely, so a dog toy like this one – which is specifically designed for older dogs – is ideal. It’s essentially a chew toy made for ageing teeth and gums, but it can also be used for games of fetch if your dog is up to it. Stuff it with food or treats for an extra element of fun and another way to keep your dog’s brain in tip-top condition.

5. Orthopaedic Dog Bed

Big Dog Bed Orthopaedic Dog Beds

Ensuring your older dog has somewhere supportive to sleep is crucial, particularly if they have joint stiffness. A bed that’s too small will force them to sleep in an uncomfortable position that places their joints under unnecessary pressure, and a bed without enough support can lead to a worsening in joint stiffness. This pressure relief Active Recovery® Bed is made from a special surface that’s based on NHS mattresses, and you can choose CoolComfort foam if your dog often overheats. Plus, we’ve got lots more recommendations in our guide to the 5 best beds for senior dogs.

What else can you do for an older dog?

As well as adapting your home, you may want to consider adding a nutritional supplement into your dog’s diet. At YuMOVE we have a range of supplements designed specifically for senior dogs – from triple-action joint support for dogs with reduced mobility due to stiffness, to calming care for anxious or nervous pups. Browse the full range here and find the right one for your dog.

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