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Do dental care sticks work?
Are Dental Sticks Necessary For Dogs?

Are Dental Sticks Necessary For Dogs?

Are the dental sticks we are accustomed to seeing on the selves of our favourite pet store actually necessary? Do they serve their purpose or are they a trend that will fade? We investigate the benefits and side effects (if any) that dental sticks can cause. 

Many questions surrounding doggy dental sticks are around what ingredients are included or if they are a bad source of fats for our pups, especially as we know most of our dogs love the taste, does that mean they're bad for our four-legged friends?

If you are worried about your pups gut health or weight, take a look at our dog supplements that can help with joint support through to anxiety and stress.

What are dog dental sticks?

Doggy Dental Sticks come in many different shapes and sizes from lots of different brands. Generally made up from a mixture of ingredients that promote oral health by reducing the amount of plaque on your dogs teeth and targeting bad breath!

Usually containing a range of minerals, dental sticks can offer a wide range of positive effects to your dog, depending on the dental stick you choose.

What are the risks of giving your dog dental sticks?

Some warn that when dental sticks are too large, and because of their chewy consistency and great taste, some pups may rush in eating the chew. By not taking the time to chew properly, some of the stick can become lodged in their mouth.

This could cause choking or blockages for your dog or cause sensitive stomachs.

What are the benefits of dental sticks?

As we've said the main benefits of dental sticks are freshening the breath of your pup and promoting oral hygiene. However, some dental sticks can offer much more. Take our very own YuMOVE Dental Care Sticks for example. 

Some of the benefits you can expect from our latest dental chew are:

  • Supporting overall oral health
  • Targets plaque 
  • Freshens breath
  • Gentle on tummies
  • Creates barrier along to teeth and mouth to prevent future gum concerns

Our innovative dental care regime was developed by veterinary scientists, made with natural ingredients. 

So, should I be giving my dog dental sticks?

Overall, it depends. Dental sticks are a great alternative to trying to brush your pups teeth regularly!

However, some come with their downsides, unnatural or unclear ingredients which may be fattening for your pup. 

The best thing to do is... research! Find a brand of dental sticks you believe are right for your furry friend and monitor them over time. 

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