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40% off - YuCARE MultiVits Young Dogs £20.99 £34.99

Nutritional support for everyday wellness in a tasty, soft bite

40% off - YuCARE MultiVits Young Dogs £20.99 £34.99

Nutritional support for everyday wellness in a tasty, soft bite

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40% off - YuCARE MultiVits Young Dogs £20.99 £34.99

Nutritional support for everyday wellness in a tasty, soft bite

8 weeks to a healthy mouth

What to expect from our Dental Care Sticks.

Our multi-action YuMOVE Dental Care Sticks are an innovative monthly dental regime created by the brilliant minds of our veterinary scientists, who stop at nothing to ensure that every product we put our name to is the very best it can be for your beloved dog. But what makes our dental sticks so special?

The secret lies in our scientifically proven ActivBarrier™ technology. You won’t find it in any other dental stick on the market. This unique soft centre targets existing bad breath, as well as tackling the root cause – the balance of bacteria in your dog’s mouth. What’s more, ActivBarrier™ helps to reduce the formation of new plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth.

Image of YuMOVE dental stick, spiral shape with a soft centre

That sounds great, you might be thinking – but what does this mean for my dog’s oral health? What happens in those early days when you first start giving our dental sticks to your dog? And when can you expect to notice a difference in your dog’s breath and teeth? We’ve got all the answers...

The first 4 weeks – fresher breath!

In the first 4 weeks, you’ll notice a marked improvement in the freshness of your dog’s breath. Let’s face it, when your dog likes to get up close and personal – generally hopping onto your lap while you’re watching your favourite show – smelly breath can often ruin this special moment! So, it’s time to enjoy a fresher scent wafting your way. Not only are your dog cuddles improved, but your dog’s mouth will feel cleaner – this means their oral health is on the up.

The condition of their teeth will stay on an upward trend past the first four weeks, too – even when you move onto one stick every other day (remember: for the first month, give one stick every day for an intensive start, then switch to one stick every other day to maintain a healthy mouth). Keep going! There are so many more benefits to come.

4-8 weeks – cleaner teeth and mouth

In 4-8 weeks, you can expect to see a reduction in plaque on your dog’s teeth. In our dental trial, the number of owners reporting plaque on their dog’s teeth dropped from 76% at the start to 29% by the end of week eight using our dental sticks. What’s more, our study found owners reported a 50% improvement in dog breath by the end of week five, too. And a whopping 75% of owners reported that their dog's mouth was cleaner and fresher by this stage. Now that’s a lot to smile about!

Happy dog with healthy teeth enjoying a cuddle with their human

8 weeks and beyond!

Once you’ve made it to this point, your dog’s fresher smelling, cleaner teeth and gums will be speaking for themselves. After eight weeks, our study also found a reduction in the amount of tartar (the hard 'concrete' on your dog's teeth that develops when plaque mineralizes).

But here’s the important bit. To maintain your dog’s healthier mouth, and the waggy tail that goes with it, it’s so important to stick with your new monthly dental regime (yes, that pun was very much intended). The dedication you’re showing to your dog’s dental health will continue to pay off in spades. And don’t forget – all the fantastic oral health benefits your dog is experiencing can be maintained with just one dental stick every other day.

Still got questions? Our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Care Team will be more than happy to help! Simply reach out to us on +44 (0)1462 416866 or at

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