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YuMOVE Plus One-A-Day

Extra-strength triple-action dog joint chew for...

From £16.95


Triple-action joint supplement for cats who are...

From £22.00


Fast-acting digestive support for dogs and cats...

From £9.40

YuCALM One-A-Day

Our new convenient format. For dogs who are str...

From £18.85

YuMEGA Show Dog

Our special formula for best show performance. ...

From £29.35

YuCARE Tooth Cleaner

The easy way to clean your pet’s teeth from bac...

From £8.65

YuDERM Moulting Dog

Essential Omega oils for healthy skin and coat....

From £15.95

YUMOVE Horse Joint

YuMOVE Horse JOINT is a natural joint supplemen...

From £39.95

YuDERM Skin Cream

Soothing, antibacterial cream for pet first aid...

From £15.95

YuCARE Tooth Polish

 For natural brightening and whitening for heal...

From £25.15

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Our pets deserve better

Our full range of health care products and supplements are specifically designed to encourage the well-being of your pet dog. Our products can help target a wide range of health areas relating to joint care and mobility, digestion, skin, eye and dental to ensure your dog is happy and healthy. All our supplements are developed with natural ingredients and antioxidants, which will contribute to the ongoing health of your pet.

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