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Why your dog needs a daily dose of MultiVits

You might be thinking to yourself, don’t dogs already get enough vitamins in their food? Do they really need a vitamin supplement? Especially if they’re already taking another supplement? In this handy guide we’ve partnered with our in-house Veterinary Technical Manager, Dr Jayne Laycock BVetMed MRCVS, to give you all the answers you need! Let’s take a closer look…

Can your dog take MultiVits alongside their regular supplements?

The short answer? Yes. In fact, we highly recommend it! Your regular supplement – like YuMOVE Joint Care, Skin and Coat Care, Calming Care or Digestive Care – targets a particular health area. And the YuM Mega MultiVits chews will work alongside to boost your dog’s overall health.

“We’ve developed more than just another multivitamin for dogs… We’ve also added a number of high-quality nutrients – such as Omega 3s, Antioxidants, Prebiotics, Glucosamine, and many more – to support key areas of your dog’s health.” – Dr Jayne Laycock BVetMed MRCVS

Should your dog take multivitamins and YuMOVE?

Don’t they both just help doggy joints? Well, no and yes. Yes, MultiVits do help with stiff doggy joints. But they’re actually designed to specifically target six key health areas – like digestion, skin and coat, heart health, immunity, brain function and joints. What’s more, our Senior Dog version targets a whopping eight health areas. That’s because it’s enriched with extra ingredients to support liver function and eye health in ageing pups!​

And you should – of course – keep taking YuMOVE Joint Care alongside it. It’s packed with scientifically proven ingredients to specifically help with joint stiffness. But your dog doesn’t have to be on both. If they don’t suffer from joint stiffness, but you’d really like to give your pooch something to keep them in tip-top condition, this is the supplement for you. YuM Mega MultiVits work preventatively to support general wellness.

Dog taking YuCARE multivitamin supplement

Don’t dogs get all the nutrients they need from their diet?

Most dog foods contain the minimum amount of vitamins and nutrients that are required. But, just like how us pet parents use vitamin supplements to top-up our diets, we can do the same for our dogs.

And despite the name, our YuM Mega MultiVits aren’t simply vitamins. They’re actually a mix of different health-boosting minerals, nutrients and vitamins which work together to support your dog’s overall health. Which means you’ll get peace of mind knowing you’re doing absolutely everything to look after your dog’s wellbeing!

“MultiVits are designed to complement your dog’s balanced diet by including nutrients which support their overall health.” – Dr Jayne Laycock BVetMed MRCVS

Is there such thing as too many vitamins?

Our YuM Mega MultiVits range has been developed with lots of love and care – it’s even in the name! We’ve took every precaution possible to ensure that it’s enriched with just the right amount of necessary nutrients. This means, your dog won’t be getting too many.

Adding one vitamin supplement – as opposed to six different ones – to your dog’s diet won’t do any harm. Our YuM Mega MultiVits range offers all-round care for exactly that reason. They were made to target a range of different health areas at the same time. Want to learn more about which exact areas our MultiVits range targets? Check out this handy guide which explains all.

If you’re looking for more information on YuM Mega MultiVits, our FAQ page will try to answer all your questions!

Do you still have any specific concerns? Reach out to our dedicated Customer Care Team on +44 (0)1462 416866 or at They’re animal experts and – more importantly – they love to talk about everything dogs!

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