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I’m delighted to be working with YuMOVE so that together we can keep dogs ‘Active for Life’ and I’m excited to be back at Cruft’s albeit it in a different role to last time!

I will be at Cruft’s with YuMOVE for the whole show from 5th to 8th March 2020. I will be reporting on what’s going on at the show and broadcasting a live Q&A on YuMOVE’s social media on Sunday 8th March at 15:30 and hopefully imparting my dog wisdom to those attending. So, if you want to stop by and have a chat, I will be on the YuMOVE stand for two hours each day. For the full schedule, visit YuMOVE's Facebook

This week on behalf of YuMOVE I also launched an important campaign to raise awareness of ageing dogs. It’s easy to forget a dog’s ‘real’ age as dogs don’t always look their age. But they do go through a similar ageing process as humans – putting on weight, aching joints, tiredness etc which has an impact on how they feel and get through their daily routines. So the point we’re making is that with the right information for dog owners, support and by staying active, dogs can remain happy and healthy and keep doing the things they love.

And to find out more information on ‘ageing dogs’, then read this new study that debunks the seven year rule - for every human year, your dog ages seven years.

There’s certainly life in the old dog yet!

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Peter Purves


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