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Our furry best friends are absolutely loving their humans working from home! It’s like Christmas has come early and it’s Christmas every single day. It might take a while for us to adjust to spending more time indoors but we are being told our pooches are enjoying having us around more. Some of us at YuMOVE have somehow developed Dr Dolittle-like capabilities and have had chats with our pooches to hear what the best thing is about us working from home. These were the top 7 that kept cropping up in conversations - straight from the pooches' mouth 😊

(Some of our best friends have asked to remain anonymous or wanted us to not share their age or image for doggy data protection, therefore we have done our best to respect their privacy)

Belly rubs x 100

 Lennie the cocker waiting for a belly rub

Hoomans here all day

 “My days have got a whole lot more interesting, I don’t just have to stare out into the garden all day, having my hooman around means I sit and stare at them aaallll day, it’s a lot more fun” – River, 3-year old Australian Sheepdog

Too much tail-wagging?

Albie the springer on the grass

Sunbathing as much as poochable

Tilly the Border laying in her bed

Walkies once a day

Louis the frenchie on a walk

Naps are interrupted but that’s OK

Saluki looking pensive

Going out the garden LOTS

"I been going in de garden lots and barking extra, extra loud at my dog pals next door. We usually go for walkies together but not allowed for now" #stayhome – Bob, Greyhound

Have you managed to develop Dr Dolittle skills? What has your best furry friend been telling you since you started working from home? Share their “thoughts” with us over on our Facebook.

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