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iMOVE £23.95

Your daily joint supplement to help you maintain healthy, flexible joints for an active lifestyle.

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YuDIGEST PLUS for Dogs £9.95

Fast-acting digestive support for dogs and cats.

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YuDERM Itching Dog £22.25

Essential Omega oils for dogs with sensitive or itchy skin.

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YuCALM Dog £24.95

Triple-action calming supplement for dogs who are stressed or nervous.

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Lintbells Events

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YuMOVE began by travelling to dog shows across the country back in 2007 with just one product, YuMEGA Dog. Our product portfolio has grown quite dramatically since then, and so has our show team - it was originally the two directors! You will find members of our show team across the country, see the list of events we are attending below:

2020 Shows Date
BSAVA 2nd - 5th April
West of England Ladies Kennel Society 23rd - 26th April
Badminton Horse Trails 6th - 10th May
Birmingham Dog Show 7th - 10th May 2020
Bath Canine Society 22nd - 25th May
DVS Germany 15th & 16th May
Three Counties Agricultural Society 4th - 7th June
VetFEST 5th - 6th June
UVE - Netherlands 12th June 2020
Windsor Dog Show Society 2nd - 5th July
Leeds City & District Canine Association 24th - 26th July
International Agility Festival 6th - 9th August 
Countryfile Live - South Windsor 20th - 23rd August 
Welsh Kennel Club 21st - 23rd August 
Burghley Horse Trails  2nd - 6th September 
The Great Dog Walk - Yorkshire 13th September
The Great Dog Walk - Scotland 20th September
The Great Dog Walk - Leciestershire 27th September
City of Birmingham Canine Association 4th - 6th September 
Darlington Champ Show 18th - 20th September 
The Great Dog Walk - Surrey 4th October
The Great Dog Walk - Essex 11th October
The Great Dog Walk - Warwickshire 18th October
South Wales Kennel Association 9th - 11th October
Midland Counties Canine Society 22nd - 25th October 
Discover Dogs - London 17th - 18th October
London Vet Show 12th - 13th November
Ladies Kennel Association 12th - 13th December

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