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We would love a chat

If you are missing out on the dog chatter that you look to forward when lacing up your boots and getting out on your daily walks (it’s quite difficult to chat to someone when they’ve crossed the road because of social distancing!), or missing out on the chats you normally have with your pals in the dog community, be that showing, agility, meetups or however you get your ‘fix’, we are hoping we can help.

Several of our lovely team are eager to catch up with all of you because of lockdown and are missing out on these chats too. So, we have setup a dedicated line for you and them, to talk all things dogs!

They will be on the other end of the dog and bone to hear about all the interesting (or not so interesting) walks you have been on, to hear how your pooch is putting your needs first in these odd times and how they are making your day that little bit brighter.

They’re a friendly bunch of pet lovers, and will probably share a story or two about their own pets as well. So, if you feel like you are missing out or just need your day brightening up, give them a call.

When are you free?

The team will be at the other end of the phone during these hours -

Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm
Saturday - 9am -12pm

Fetch your phone and give them a call on 01462559398

Share with our community

You can also join in with us and everyone who follow us on our Facebook and Instagram, share your inspiring dog stories, your latest dog walks or you new fave photo of your pooch. When posting to our Facebook or Instagram, use the hashtag #virtualdogwalk and look out to see if you feature.

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