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Deals, deals, deals or no deal perhaps? It’s that Black Friday and Cyber Monday time of year again, and we have sifted through the best deals on Amazon to help find you the biggest savings on dog products. We have put together the below so you can take back the hours you would have lost hunting for deals and to give you more time to enjoy with your pooch! There’s a great mixture of grooming products (super important during lockdown…if you’re brave enough) toys and other practical buys!

Whilst we have looked at great savings, we have also looked at what is practical, helpful and relevant for your dog at this time of the year and beyond.


The subject of the groomers can be an interesting, some dogs love their trip to ‘salon’ others… not so much. If your dog is likely to need a ‘spruce up’ because they haven’t been able to go to groomers or because they absolutely hate their trip, these two deals will help you become your dog’s groomer.

LAIKA Professional Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmers RRP - £15.99 Black Friday Price - £5.99

Laika nail clippers

Laika dog nail clippers are ergonomically designed, powerful and easy-to-use. They are recommended by animal trainers, veterinarians, professional pet groomers. Best for medium or large dogs. Find the nail file hidden in the handle.


PANGU Dog Clippers Professional Pet Grooming Kit RRP - £24.99 Black Friday Price - £19.99

Pangu dog clippers

A complete kit for grooming your dog. Included in this is, electric hair clipper, 4 x combs, 2 x scissors, 1 x long dog grooming comb, 1 x nail clipper,1 x nail file,11 x pet grooming glove. Suitable for both dogs and cats, and horses.

Teeth & teething

Did you know that around 80% of dogs will have some form of dental disease before their 4th birthday? Thankfully, there’s things we can do to help our dogs have healthier mouths.

BOMPOW Chew Toys for Puppy Small Pets, 10 Pack RRP - 20.99 Black Friday Price - £14.99

Teething toys 10 pack

Great soft-cotton toys with durability to help keep your puppy entertained during moments of down-time, provide them with alternatives to chewing your favourite pair of slippers, and keep their teeth tar free in the early stages of their development.

Sixmill ‘nearly indestructible’ Dog Toothbrush RRP - £15.99 Black Friday Price - £11.99

Tough dog toothbrush

Classed as nearly indestructible and perfect for dogs between 13kg – 36kg. As well as being super hardy, the rubber is also supple, and the soft brushers and rubber granular cleaner, clean teeth, and massage gums.

In the home

A lot of us have been spending a lot more time at home recently and our dogs may have been too. These two deals are for when you’re not there, to ensure they stay entertained and to help keep the separation anxiety at bay.

Blink Mini - Compact Indoor Plug-in Smart Security Camera RRP - £34.99 Black Friday Price - £24.99

Blink security camera

A 1080 HD wired camera, great for security purposes but also for checking in on your dog when you are going to late home. Two-way audio so you can reassure your dog and they can “tell you” they are OK via the smartphone app.

Zellar Treat Dispensing Dog Toy RRP - £11.99 Black Friday Price - £7.99

Treat dispensing toy

A great way to mentally stimulate your dog and encourage their problem-solving skills, whilst giving them a treat for their efforts. It can also be used as a slow feeder. Made from high quality polycarbonate plastic for durability. Best suited for small and medium dogs.

Practical buys

Two very practical buys that make getting out into the countryside and going on a fresh winter walk that much easier. One to keep the car comfy for your dog and mud free for you, the other to help keep your dog hydrated on that extended Sunday stroll.

Toozey Complete Car Boot Protector for Dogs RRP - £32.99 Black Friday Price - £20.99

 Dog in car boot

Tear-resistant and sturdy boot blanket with side protection which protects your boot from dirt, scratches, and dog hair. The large luggage compartment cover fits universally into most standard vehicle areas. Waterproof and easy to clean.

VIVAGLORY Dog Water Bottle, 750 ml RRP - £11.99 Black Friday Price - £9.33

Dog water bottle

Constructed with antibacterial, food grade, stainless steel, and BPA free material, making it safer and more durable than plastic alternatives. It’s leak proof with a long wide trough design on the lid, making for easy drinking for your dog.

Health bundles

What’s better than the gift of health? These two bundles will help keep you dog feeling great throughout the winter months and beyond. Get 50% off our exclusive supplement bundles deals.

Skin & Digestive Health Bundle – YuDERM & YuDIGEST RRP - £45.30 Black Friday Price - £22.64

Yudigest & Yuderm bundle

Our exclusive two pack bundle to help support your dog’s digestion and coat this winter. Wintertime can see your dog have more treats which can have a knock effect on their digestion, this in turn can result in a dull coat. Muddy and wet walks also don’t help their luscious locks! Get this deal to help them feel and look great too throughout the season.

Joint Health Bundle For You & Your Dog - YuMOVE & iMOVE
RRP – 57.95 Black Friday Price - £28.95  

Yumove & imove bundle

Bundles of fun with our exclusive two pack bundle to help support you and your dog with ongoing joint support this winter. Our well-known dog joint supplement has a sister product, for us humans, (our best kept secret) iMOVE!

*Please note these deals were valid as of 25/11/20 so are subject to change

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